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Academic Activities :


(i) INTERNATIONAL Presented a paper Orally on “Rheophillic Ichthyofauna and their Adaptation of North Eastern Himalayas Aquatic Bodies” at Vlth Congrees of European Ichthyologists held at Budapest, Hungry, 15-19 August 1988(Abstract Published).

Name                                       :  Dr. Balendra Kumar Das
Date of Birth                        : 01 / 01 / 1958
Address                                 : “SRI-HARI”, GaneshMarket, F.A.Road, Kumarpara panchali, Guwahati- 781001 (Assam). Phone No.: (0361) 2487330 / 2487836, E-mail- [email protected]
Educational Qualification    : M.Sc. (NEHU), Ph.D.(G.U.).
Profession                                :   Principal, Paschim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya, Ex-Selection Grade Lecturer, Department of Zoology, Ex- Course Co-ordinator, Industrial Fish & Fisheries, Pragjyotish College, Guwahati. Official address : Dharapur, Guwahati- 781017, Ph.No. (0361) 2845021.
Service Experience               : (a) Joined College on 01/ 09/ 83.
Date of Effect DPI’s Appvl. No.  Date
(b) Lecturer 1/9/83 G (A) AC13/84/111 21/5/85
(c) Senior Lecturer 1/9/91 G(A)G(U.G.C.)52/89/46 2/6/92
(d) Selection grade lecturer 1/9/96 G(B)UGC 124/99/25 7/12/02
(e) Principal 15/10/2004 G(B)AC/ 16/2000/157 9/11/04
Research & Academic Experiences : (a) Papers

(a)  Passed M.Sc. From NEHU in Zoology (1982), Specialized in “Fish and Fishery Biology”.

(b) Awarded PhD by G.U. in 1991 for the thesis entitled “Studies on Certain Ultra-surface Structures and Ecobiology of Rheophillic Fish

(c) Continuing Post Doctoral work under the Guidance of Prof. (Dr.) U.C. Goswami, Ex-Head of the Dept. of Zoology, G.U. on the topic “Culture and Propagation of Commercially Important Rheophillic Teleost”

(d) PROJECT: Co-investigator in the” Research Project on Pen & Cage Culture at Deeper Beel” Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, vide sanction no.SP/RD/039/97.

(ii) A paper entitled–“Surface ultra structure of some Rheophillic Fish”- had been accepted in 83rd Session of India Science Congress, held at Patiala, Punjab from January 3 to 8-1996.(Abstract Published, Sections: Zoo / Ent / Fish)
(iii) A Paper entitled –“ Taste buds of Rheophillic Fish” has been presented Orally on 84th Session of Indian Science Congress, held at New Delhi. From January 3 to 8-1997(Abstract Published, Section: Zoo / Ent / Fish).
(iv) A paper entitled –“Diffraction Grating in the medulla of the eye lens of Garra lissorhynchus and its physiological significance” had been accepted on 85th Session of ISCA, held at Hyderabad, from 3 to 8 Jan.–1998 (Abstract Published, section Zoo / Ent / Fish).
(v) A paper entitled “Thoracic adhesive disc/sucker of Glyptothorex cavia” had been accepted on 86th Session at ISCA, held at Chennai, from Jan. 3 to 8-1999. (Abstract Published, Section Zoo / Ent /Fish)
(vi) A paper entitled – “Food spectrum and feeding intensity of – Accrossocheilus hexagonolepis (Mc. Clelland), an endemic rheophillic teleoast of commercial importance of Assam Himalayas”. Published in Indian Journal of Fisheries- Vol-44–1997.
(vii)  Accepted a paper in   National   Seminar on “Approaches for increasing agricultural productivity in Hills and mountain ecosystem” from 14th to 16th December 2002, organized by Indian Association of Hill Farming Umiam, Meghalaya & ICAR research Complex for NEHU Region, entitled as “Potential Rheophillic fish Fauna From North Eastern  Himalayas and theirPossible Propagation”.
Presented a paper orally on National Symposium on Fisheries enhancements in Indian Waters Challenges ahead” 27 – 28 April, 2002,at  Berrackpore, Kolkata- 743101, Entitled-“Contribution of Women in Fisheries enhancement  in Inland waters”.
Presented a paper orally in the 94th Indian Science congress association conference at Annamali University entitled “Studies on ultra surface structure of some rheophillic fish” held from 2nd to 8th January 2007.
Academic activities,           : (1) Attended the –“The All India Seminar on Ichthyology” in 1982 at Guwahati University Sponsored by U.G.C.
(b) Various seminar/ Workshop/training Programmers etc, attende  (2) Attended a workshop – “Workshop on Wild Life Conservation and Management” at Guwahati by Zoological Society of Assam from 23rd to 25th January 1987.

(3) INTERNATIONAL: Worked as a visiting research fellow in – “Forschungus Institutes Senckenberg”. Senckenberganalage-25, Frankfurt, Germany under the guidance of Dr. F. Krupp during-1988 on Meristic Feature&Taxonomy of Fresh water fishes.

(4) Attended the State lavel Seminar entitled – “Science, Superstition and Society” held on 11/4/92 at Guwahati.

(5) Attended the state lavel seminar entitled “Science and Values” held on 10/4/93 at Guwahati.

(6) Attended the state lavel Seminar entitled- “A trend of study of science in Assam” held on 9/10/94 at Guwahati.

(7) Attended the “National Seminar on Recent Trends in Applied Zoology” in Gauhati University– 24th & 25th  February- 1995.

(8) Attended the U.G.C. sponsored National Level Seminar entitled “ Envirmentel pollution and its control” held on 5/12/95 at Gauhati & presented a paper entitled –Udyogic Produshan aru Asom” . It has been published in a book entitled – “Paribesh Pradushan aru Niyantran”.

9) Attended the state lavel Seminar entitled- “Science Rationalisation & Society” held on 02-01-96 at Guwahati.

(10) Attended the –“ National seminar on Recent Advanced in Industrial Fisheries Research and- development” in Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, (CMFRI) Cochin- 22nd to 24th January- 1996.

11) Attended the 84th Indian Science Congress (ISCA) January 3 to 8, 1997, held at Delhi University and also presented a paper on “ Taste buds of Rheophillic fish” in Zoology, entomology & Fishery section.

(12) Attended the- “State Level Academic Discussion” held at Janata Bhawan, Dispur on 3rd October 1996, organized by Dept. of Education, Govt. of Assam.

(13) Attended the State level seminar entitled “River Brahmaputra, its control, problems and prospects’ held on 29/01/97 at Guwahati.

(14) Attended the state level seminar entitled –“Higher Education in Assam – Problems and Prospects”, held on 21/05/97 at Guwahati, organized by Govt. of Assam.

(15)  Attended the State level seminar –“Shishu Sahitic Samaroh – 1997” held at Assam Prakashan Parishad Bhawan, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati on 20th Feb- 997, organized by Children’s literary trust, Govt. of Assam.

(16) Attended the – National Seminar on “Indian folklore” held at Delhi University from 1 – 3 Feb. 1998, sponsored by UGC and organized by MIL Dept. Delhi University.

(17) Attended the interaction workshop on “Fish Germplasm Resources Evaluation on N.E. States for conservation of Threatened Species of Fish” on 6th April- 1998, at Guwahati, organized by the WWF India, N.E. in association with NBFGR Lucknow, (ICAR) Govt. of India.

(18) Attended the National level awareness campaign to save the threatened Fisheries of N.E. India, a research project sponsored by – National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, (ICAR), Lucknow held from 20th to 24th April- 1998 at Bhalukpong, Sonitpur, Assam

(19) Attended the state level seminar cum workshop on “ How to write text books”, organized by Board of Secondary Education (SEBA), Assam held on 29th to 30th July-1998.

(20) Delivered lecture as resource person in the Refreshers course of Higher Secondary School Teachers, organized by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, held at Guwahati on the topic “Parivesh Pradushan Aru Amar Kartabya” on 04/07/98.

(21) Attended the state level workshop on “Question paper setting” organized by Board of Secondary Education, Assam held from 16th to 19th Oct. 1998 at Guwahati.

(22) Attended the state level workshop on “Review of syllabi & Text Books in the light of, Reconceptualised Population Education” from 27th January to 1st February-1999, organized by SEBA.

(23) Delivered lecture as a resource person in the state Level orientation course organized by SEBA, Assam, for development of sub state level resource person in the “Training programme for Resource Persons for Teacher Training in English, Mathematics and Science for secondary school teachers”, from 18th to 20th Feb-1998, at Guwahati.

(24) Attended the CAS National training programme on- “Recent advances in aquaculture of carps & Fresh water prawns”, organized by CIFE, Mumbai, sponsored by ICAR held from 12th August to 10th Septembar-1999 for 30 days at Mumbai.

(25) Attended the interaction seminar on- “The new millennium with a new technology- dehydration of plant and animal products” on 23rd Decembar-2000 at Guwahati, organized by WWF India, NE region in association with the Assam Science Technology & Environment Council and Assam Science Society.

(26) Organized as Project Director training Programme of Rotary Club of Guwahati, South during 2001–2002 on “Blue Revolution: Grow more fish”. And acted as resource person at Pragjyotish College, Guwahati
(27) Attended a National workshop on “Integration of Fish Biodiversity conservation & Dev, of Fisheries in NER through community participation”; held in collaboration with NBFGR, Luck-now and N.E. Council, Shillong from 12–13 Dec.2001at Guwahati.
(28) Attended the national symposium on “Fisheries enhancements in Indian Water-Challenges ahead” during 27- 28 April 2002 organized by Inland fisheries Society of India and Central Inland Capture Fisheries Research Institute, Berrackpore.
(29) Attended the State level resource person training Programme for the national green crops held at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalaksherta, Guwahati on 13-15 June 2002.
(30) Attended a National Seminar on-“Resource appraisal & problems of development in the Brahmaputra Valley with special emphasis on the undivided Kamrup District (Assam)” held at Guwahati on 3.9.2002.
(31) Attended a state level seminar on “Extension education & its role in community development” held at Guwahati on 14–15 Septembar-2002.
(32) Acted as Project Director of the project “Blue Revolution: Grow more Fish”, of the Rotary Club of Gauhati South at Tribeni Chowks, RCC, Nalbari.
(33) Attended the National level 72nd annual session of the National Academy of Science, (NAS)- 25th to 27th October 2002 at Shillong.
(34) Acted as resource person in training the unemployed youth on Aquaculture in Hajo on 10th and 11th Nov. 2002 organised by the Rotary club of Gauhati South.
(35) Acted as Course Co-ordinator in the formation of ‘Eco-Clubs’ in 102 (one hundred and two schools) of Kamrup district, under the National Green Corps Programme, sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, in collaboration with ASTEC and organized by Rotary Club of Gauhati South at Guwahati on 29th Sept. to 1st October, 2002.
(36)  Attended the National Seminar on “Science  Awareness    and popularization”- Seminar at Guwahati, by Indian Science Congress Association  on 17th March 2003.
(37) Acted as Co-ordinator of the workshop on “Rain Water Harvesting” of Rotary International District 3240 organised jointly by Rotary Club of Gauhati South and Assam Science Technology and Environment council on 17th August, 2003 at Guwahati.
(38) Atended as Master Recourse Person in the conduct of the three days seminar -“ Nature Appreciation Camp at Deepar Beel Wetland”, during 13-14 September 2003 organized by the World Wide Fund For Nature-India, (WWF), North East Regional Office, Guwahati-1.
(49) Attended the conference of Zoological Society of Assam & National Seminar on “Challenging Frontiers in Applied Zoology” 25th & 26th August, 2006, at Rangia college, Rangia, & as guest of honour inaugurated the tree plantation programme.
40) Attended as chairperson , of a session in the national seminar on “Curricular reforms in higher education with special reference to Assam”, on 9th & 10th February, 2008, at B.P.Chaliha College, Nagarbera.
(41) Attended as Resource Person, many workshops, refreshers course, seminars etc. in the UGC Academic Staff College, Gauhati University, and various colleges of Assam.
Academic activities     : 
C) Intra and Inter Educational Institution 1. Internal And External (Practical) Examiner of Assam H.S. Council, Gauhati University
2. Supervising Officer of H.S.L.C. Examination, SEBA, Assam.
3.   Supervising Officer H.S.Examination, AHSEC
4.   Head Examiner of HSLC Examination (General  Science), SEBA.
5.   Head Examiner, H.S.Examination (Bio-Zoo), AHSEC.
6. Appointed as Deputy Superintendent for the U.G.C.National Eligibility Test (NET) for JRF and eligibilities for Lecturer ship held on 13-6-2002 by the Gauhati University Authority at Guwahati.
7. Examination Script examiner of HS council, GU, Assam Public Service Commission,( APSC) etc
8. Member CCS, Gauhati University, Zoology & IFF course for under graduate level.
9. Ex-member of Editorial Board of “Bigyan-Jeoti” a popular Science magazine published by Assam Science society.
10. Member in several occasion of Pragjyotish College – Governing Body, Admission Committee, Asstt. Officer-in-charge of Examination committee, Executive member/Vice President Pragjyotish College Teachers Council, Prof. In charge of College students union in different charges since date of joining, Editorial board member of college magazine “Pragjyotishiya”, Internal auditor of Teachers thrift Society, Member. Academic and discipline- Committee, Member. Internal Quality assessment cell, convenor-students grievances committee, Member- Library advisory Committee, Book bank Committee etc. Director –PCSSSS Ltd. Vice President-Pragjyotish College unit of Assam College Teachers Association.
11. Secretary, Zoological Society of Assam. Pragjyotish College Unit
12. As Vice-President & Adviser of Pragjyotish College Science Society, associated with many book publications, namely-
(i)       Bigyan aru Andha Biswas  (Book)
(ii)       Bigyan aru Mulyabodh  (Book)
(iii)      Asomat Bigyan Sarshar Dhara  (Book)
(iv)      Bigyan, Juktibad aru Samaj  (Book)
(v)      Bigyan Prajuktibad aru Samaj  (Book)
Refresher’s Course         : Refresher’s Course attended  in
(i) Gauhati University from 08/02/93 to 28/02/93 at Guwahati, theme of the course “Physiology/ Endocrinology” etc.
(ii) North Eastern Hill University from 14/02/95 to 07/03/95, at Shillong, theme of the course- “Modern technique in Zoology / Ecology”.
Award  : (i) Awarded the Best Vocational Service award by Rotary Club of Gauhati South, in relation to the “Rotary Internationals” recognition, of his contribution to the “Rotary’s grow more fish programme” in the field of “Blue revolution”- 2003.
Other Activities   :     Radio Programme :
Regular participant at All India Radio, Guwahati for Boardcasting Talks on Current Topics, Social Problems, Science Programmes, Children’s Programmes, Literary Programmes etc.
T.V. Programme:
Regular participants of Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati and other private channels for telecasting interviews of different personalities, talks on Current Topics, Science programmes etc., also acted in Teledrama on adult education – “Timir Pheria Baj”.
Audio Cassets:
Recorded for Central Institute of Indian Languages (CILL). Mysore in regional language teaching exchange programme for non-Assamese learner tolearn Assamese.
Books, Articles Published  :  And Edited  (a) Published Books are:-
(1) Bigyan Batora (Children’s Book)
(2) Bigyan Barta (Children’s Book)
(3) Bigyan Sangbad (     ,,     )
(4) Manohar Kabita (Books of Poem)
(5) Manoh Samepesu (Books of Poem)
(6) ABCDir Asomiya Kabita (Children’s Book)
(7) Manohar Prithibi (Books of Poem)
(8) Ao-phala aru Kaa-phalar Kabita
(b)  Contributed articles in various News Papers, Magazines and Scientifics Journals regularly.
(c) Published Poems, Articles etc. in local news- Papers, Magazines, Souvenirs etc. regularly
(d) Edited books are : (1) “YAJNIYA” a collection of articles regarding “YAJNYA”-2003.
(2) “ZOONICA”, a collection of Articles in the field of Zoology.
(3) “SHANTI-BANI” a yearly magazine of Shanti Sabha, Kumarpara, Guwahati , for several years.
(4)  A collection of different articles as Chief-editor named “PRAYAS”, from Paschim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya.
(5)  Edited the Journal of Assam College Principal’s council (ACPC) – 2009
(e) Member souvenir committee“Workshop on Wildlife Conservation and management” 23rd –25th Jan-1987, by Zoological Society of Assam,Guwahati.
Translation                            :  Translated hand bills, brochures etc. from English to Assamese for awareness campaign to Save threatened fishes of N.E. India, a research project of National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, ICAR, Lucknow, Govt. of India.
Life-Members and members of : Life Member of the following esteemed organizations
(1) European Ichthyologic Congress, Frankfurt, Germany
(2) Ichthyological Society of India, Zoological Survey of India, Madras.
(3) Indian Science Congress- Kolkata
(4) Inland Fisheries Society of India, CICFRI, Barackpure, Kolkata- 743 101
(5) Indian Society of Fisheries Professionals (ISFP), CIFE, Andheri West, Mumbi-400 053
(6) Asian Fisheries Society Indian Branch, Mangalore
(7) Assam science Society, Guwahati
(8) North East Nature’s Club – Guwahati and its founder President.
(9) Asom Kala Tirtha Guwahati Ex Chief Adviser and founder ex- president from 1990 to 2000 consecutively 10 years, presently sitting  President , 2004-2006-2008.
(10) Asom Natya Samity, Nagaon
(11) Asom Sahitya sabha, Guwahati
(12) All Assam New writers & Artists Association, Guwahati and its Ex-Adviser 1987-88, 88-89
(13) Gakul Dham Seva Samity, Allahabad / Calcutta
(14) International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON), Guwahati
(15) Assam Association, New Delhi.
(16) Zoological Society of Assam (ZSA) and its Secretary consecutively for 3 years in 1992-93, 93-94 and 94-95.
(17) Kaziranga Wild Life Society (KWS) Golaghat / Guwahati
(18) Rotary club of Gauhati South, Guwahati, Rotary  International.
(19) Project monitoring committee of the Rural  Entrepreneurship Development Programme (REDP) of Assam Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Gandhinagar, Tetelia, Dist.Kamrup Pin-782403.
Administrative Experience    : (1)   Ex President for continuatively three years of  Shillong Socio-cultural Assamese Students Association (SSASA), Shillong in 1979 – 80, 80- 81,’81-82.

(2)    Ex- Treasurer and Executive member of  North East Regional Students Union (NERSU) in 1979-80 and 1980-81.

(3)    Ex-member, Advisory Board for Elementary Education in the selection committee vide Govt. Notification no. EDG, 572/89/60 dt. 24/04/90.
(4)    Ex-Executive Member and Treasurer Dakhin Kamrup Satra Santha (AASU, Mirza). 1971-1973
(5)    Ex-President– Managing Committee, Azara Chandra Prabha Bora Girls ME & High School Azara, Guwahati – 17, for 1996-99 and 1999-2002 Session.
(6)    Ex-Vice Chairman Children’s literary trusts(CLT) of  Assam,Guwahati vide Govt. of Assam Notification no. A (I) E48/96/26 dt. 13/03/96
(7)     Director-Ex-Board of Director, Assam State Text Book production and Publication Corporation Ltd. Guwahati vide Govt. notification no. A  (1) 295 / 93 / PT/ 39 dt. 17 /06 /96.
(8)     President-Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee 8-9 Feb. –1997 of Chandra Prabha Bora Girls ME & High School.
(9)    Ex-Member Managing Committee, Hari       Priya Vidyapeeth, Kumarpara, Guwahati-9 for 1996-1999 Session.
(10)   Ex-Members Accounts Subcommittee, ASTBP & PC Ltd.
(11)   Ex-Member—World Wide Found for Nature – WWF, India, Kolkata / Guwahati.
(12)   Ex-member Recruitment subcommittee, ASTBP & PC Ltd.
(13)   Ex-member Enquiry Committee, ASTBP & PC Ltd.
(14)   Ex-member Pre sanction appraisal Committee of Adult & Non formal Education, Govt. of Assam vides notification No.  :  A (2) A & NE 21 / 97 / 68 dated 31 / 10 / 97.
(15)   Ex-member- “Asom Sahitya Sabha Prakalpa”  Vide letter No.  : – 99-2000/314 –325 dt. 13/4/99.
(16)  Ex-Chairman-Book Selection Committee, Non-Formal Education, Govt. of Assam, vide notification No. A (I) E-295/96/60 dt. 06/03/97.
(17)  Ex-Course Co-ordinator – Dept. of Industrial Fish   & Fisheries (Vocational UGC, sponsored course), Pragjyotish College, Guwahati – 9.
(18)  Ex-member- “Annual Lecturer Sub-Committee” of  Assam College Teachers Association (ACTA) for the session -1990-91.
(19)  Ex-Member- “Academic Committee” of  Assam College Teachers Association (ACTA) for the session 1991-92.
(20)  Sitting President of “Greater Guwahati Cement Dealer’s Association”, Guwahati for 2002-2005,2007-2009.
21)  Sitting and founder General Secretary of ‘PRASHANTI”a socio cultural NGO, F.A.Road, Kumarpara, Guwahati-1, for 2002- 03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11.

(22)  Executive member of ‘SHANTI SABHA’, Kumarpara, Guwahati-1 for 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09.

(23)  Executive member “Sanaskritik Prakalpa Nirman Samiti”, Machkhowa, Guwahati, presently Pragjyoti, ITA Centre for performing arts.
(24)   President- ManagingCommittee Azara RBHS School, 2006-2009.
(25)   Ex Secretary,Assam College Principal’sCouncil (ACPC). 2005- ’07; 2007 – ’09.
(26)   Working President, Golden Jubilee celebration Committee, Azara RBHS School.
(27)   Convener: Indian Science CongresAssociation (ISCA), Guwahati Chapter-2008-’09-10-`11.
(28)   Member:  Gauhati University Court, Guwahati – 781014.
(29)   Director : Board of directors, Rotary Club of Gauhati South, director of vocational service.
(30)   Vice-President ‘Shanti–Sabha’ Kumarpara, Guwahati-781001, 2009-’11.
(31)   Vice-President ‘PragjyotiSanaskritik samaj’, ITA, Pragjyoti, Machkhowa, Guwahati-781009. 2009-10

(32)   Vice-President  Assam College Principals’ Council,(ACPC) 2009-‘11

(33)   Member:Academic Council, Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014 vide notification no.GU/M/2009 dated 25-11-09
(34)   Member:Publication Board, Assam vide notification no. AHE 386/2009/7 dated 1-12-2009/ 560
(35)   Member: Gauhati University Sports Board, vide resolution no. R/EC-8/2009/257 dated 27-11-09
(36)   Member: College Development Council, Gauhati University, vide dt. 27-11-09.
(37)     Member: Examination Task Force, Gauhati University, vide Memo no. GU/M/TDCSemes/Com/2010/1387 dt.100410
Other Interest               :  Interested in the field of Art and Culture, Literature, Sports etc. participated in Drama, Recitation, Debating, Quiz while on College and University and won many prizes, associated with many local Social organizations & Educational Institutions. As President of Asom Kala Tirtha represented the State in national level with art & cultural troupe & engaged in the research & development of local endangered cultural heritage. Engaged in the development and writing of children’s literature specially science oriented, poems and different articles regarding environmental problems, and in the development of syllabus, textbook etc. in secondary, higher secondary and under graduate level of education, in the State of Assam. Previously associated with the academic and administrative activities of Pragjyotish College, also the course co-ordinator of Industrial Fish & Fisheries, an UGC sponsored vocational educational programme. A member of CCs Gauhati University for under graduate programme of TDC course (Zoology & IFF).As member of the Gauhati University Academic Council, Sports Board, College Development Council, University Court etc. rendering service to the mother university of the North East India. Presently associated with all round development of Paschim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya as it’s Principal
Countries visited                   : Hungary, Germany, Nether land (Holland) Luxembourg, Belgium, United Kingdom,  France, Italy etc.